• Storage Capacity

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  • Uplink Bandwidth

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  • Distributed Nodes


  • CDN Orders



We are dedicated to enabling the community to become the owners of their digital resources and shape the Internet of Value together.


We build an ecosystem for crowdsourcing digital resources to accelerate the decentralization of the Internet as a universal public good. We restore community digital resource ownership through a transparent, open-source and incentivized platform that enables the de-siloing of products, services, and identities that live in the digital world.


As the first step, we build a DePIN platform for the aggregation of fungible digital resources, like compute, storage and bandwidth. We enable the ecosystem to utilize the full potential of their physical infrastructure and get rewarded for sharing the resources they have. The ultimate vision is to become the one-stop-shop platform for DePIN services both on the contributor and consumer side.

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Core Features

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    Distributed Storage

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    Privacy Protection

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    Low Cost

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    High Availability

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    High-speed Transmission

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    Energy Conservation

Recommended Configuration

  • icon-CPU


    Quad-core & above

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    4GB & above

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    Uplink Bandwidth

    20M & above

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    200G & above
    (SSD is preferred, HDD is also available)

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    Public IP address

    (Relatively fixed)

Support Multi-device Types

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    Personal Computer

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    Raspberry Pi

  • icon

    Mobile Phone

    (Under construction)


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Building sustainable storage + DCDN application: Titan Storage

Open source Titan SDK-Go code library to simplify client access

Launch the first round of private financing activities, clarify the use of funds and goals

Establish a feedback mechanism to collect opinions and suggestions from users and developers

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